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Comprehensive Development

Our employees are the base of our success and the values that we have implemented guide our actions, including the way we work with one another, how we respect the environment and how we commit to our stakeholders.

At IEnova, we foster comprehensive development of our personnel by combining career plans, on-the-job and personal development training and initiatives focused on improving the quality of life.

In addition to training, at IEnova, we provide support and follow-up on the professional and personal development of each employee through an internal evaluation system. Managers and direct reports set goals, which are aligned to the company's strategy, in addition to individual objectives consistent with each position. Recognitions and bonuses may be awarded annually based on the successful completion of this annual plan.

The company's hiring policy strictly adheres to the provisions established in the Federal Labor Law within a framework of respect for our employees.

100% of our staff receive an annual performance evaluation.


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