Environmental Management System
Environmental Performance

Committed to the Environment

We are committed to the respect, protection and conservation of the environment and to the satisfaction of our consumers' needs in a sustainable manner.

Through responsible operations, we demonstrate that the development of energy infrastructure can be compatible with the protection and preservation of the environment when it is done in a responsible manner.

The activities of all company's operative units adhere to the following guidelines of our environmental policy:

  • Minimizing and controlling the environmental impact of the operations and the services provided by our businesses.
  • Ensuring the sustainable management of the resources by continuously improving and monitoring the operating processes and the environmental management.
  • Optimizing and reporting environmental performance of consumption of water, fuels and energy based on the environmental objectives and goals that are confirmed yearly.
  • Ensuring the compliance with the applicable environmental laws, regulations and standards, as well as with the best industry practices, the global corporate guidelines and the specific requirements stated in the different permits granted to IEnova's subsidiaries.

IEnova's main lines of environmental action are:

  • Clean and efficient energy sources.
  • Environmental culture.
  • Comprehensive waste and emissions management.
  • Biodiversity.


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