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Our Philosophy

At IEnova, we see sustainability as a path of continuous improvement for the generation of value for our shareholders, employees, clients and the communities to which we belong, based on three fundamental pillars: environmental, social and economic, with a strong foundation of ethics and corporate governance.

We are IEnova

  • More than 1,000 employees.
  • Three business segments: Gas, Power, Storage.
  • More than 121,901* consumers.
  • 3,391 km** of natural gas, LPG and ethane pipelines.
  • 1,516 megawatts*** (MW) of electricity generation capacity.

*As of December 2018.

**Includes 100% of kilometers of pipelines in operation, under construction, and in joint ventures.

***Includes the capacity for generating electricity of the assets in operation as well as projects under construction and development.



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